An image showing the PicoScope 7 Automotive Preferences icon.


What it does

Preferences contains settings you can use to customise the behaviours of PicoScope 7 Automotive. These include:

  • The start-up settings to use (Factory, User or Last session).
  • Whether you want to share usage statistics.
  • Your preferred measurement system; metric, imperial or the default based on your PC's settings.

How it can help you

PicoScope 7 Automotive's factory settings are designed to suit the majority of diagnostic problems you are likely to encounter and, typically, ensure you only need to make minimal adjustments, if any, to see a waveform. However, you may work in an environment or use methods where another fixed set of settings are optimal. Or, if you use your PicoScope on an almost continuous basis, you may prefer to always carry on from where you last left off. The Start-up settings within Preferences let you choose whether to use your User settings, the Last session's settings or the Factory settings when PicoScope 7 Automotive starts so that it is always attuned to your needs.

When we are able to collect your anonymous usage statistics we can use them to improve the quality, reliability and performance of your PicoScope 7 Automotive software. However, you may prefer not to share this anonymous data. You can choose whether or not to share the anonymous data within the Allow usage statistics of the Preferences panel. The default is to Share so to opt-out you must select Don't share.

You may tend to use a preferred system of measurement units in your day to day life. For example, you may prefer imperial units, such as pounds, inches, feet, miles and degrees Fahrenheit, or metric units, such as kilograms, centimeters, meters, kilometers and degrees Celsius. Or it may be that your reference data is in one or other of these systems and you need to change your waveform's measurement units to match it. You can use the Measurement system options within Preferences to switch between Metric and Imperial measurement unit systems or select Default to automatically select the measurement units based on your laptop/PC configuration.

How to use it

Click on the More... icon to open the More… panel, then click the Settings icon to open the Settings panel. Within the Settings panel, click on the Preferences tab where you can select your preferred start-up, sharing and measurement system settings.

An animation showing how to use the PicoScope 7 Automotive Preferences feature.