Guided tests

What it does

Guided tests provide you with information and settings that support you through your diagnostic test process. For example, they:

  • Set up the scope for you
  • Show you the required probes and connections
  • Describe how to perform the test
  • Provide example waveforms
  • Detail the typical waveform characteristics and what they mean
  • Describe how the system and components should work
  • Outline related failure modes and the symptoms they can cause
  • List related DTCs

The collection has around 150 guided tests, covering the vehicle systems and components you are likely to see, including sensors, actuators, and network systems, such as the CAN, FlexRay and LIN buses.

The tests cover many types of vehicle, including those with gasoline, diesel or battery-electric powertrains.

The total number of Guided tests is continuously increasing as new tests are added to the software through free updates.

How it can help you

It can be hard to know how to perform and analyse tests when you are new to oscilloscope diagnostics or dealing with vehicle technologies for the first time. The Guided tests support you through every step of the test process. This saves you time in both setting up the oscilloscope and finding reference waveforms for comparison, increases your confidence in your measurements and conclusions, and gives you more time to fix the faults you find.

How to use it

If not already open, press the Guided tests button to open the menu.

Select the topic and submenu items to find the Guided test of interest. You can choose either Load settings file or Guide and settings file to load either the settings and example waveform or the settings, example waveform and test guidance.