Sight block kit

By using the quick-couple barb connectors supplied with the Sight block, you can effortlessly connect to the vehicle fuel supply and return lines. With a connection like this, you can monitor the integrity of the fuel priming circuits with regards to aeration, colour and direction of flow.

A typical example can be found in this case study, where multiple Sight blocks were used to diagnose a VW Caddy with prolonged engine cranking.

Split or wrongly fitted seal rings on filters or worn fuel supply pipes can be a real problem. The sight block forms the classic T-junction, to which we can connect the WPS500X to add pressure analysis to fuel priming and return lines. With the stop valve, the efficiency of fuel pumps, fuel lines, O-ring seals, hoses and pipework can be rapidly evaluated while you monitor the positive/negative pressures with PicoScope for the shut-off period.

The kit is available here.