Diesel glow plug adaptor kit

Diesel vehicles have become more advanced and testing of compression and engine efficiency is an everyday problem for technicians. Because of this issue, Pico Technology has worked to put together this fifteen-piece adaptor kit. As part of the kit we have included a vehicle application list, covering models and engine codes for 30 vehicles.

Being able to see the compression in a diesel engine is a very important step of the diagnostic process. Below is a waveform captured on a diesel engine with the diesel injector disconnected.

This shows a screenshot of a diesel compression test done with a glow plug adaptor. The waveform from a diesel compression is very similar to a petrol compression test as we have no vacuum due to a normally open diesel throttle. The peak pressures, however, are far higher.

Remember: Always disconnect the injector.

Please look at our website or our handy YouTube videos for further information on using the WPS500X.

Remember that we have the Waveform Library, with various examples of waveforms captured with the WPS500X.

At the time of writing, we have 23 accessories that can help you get more from your pressure transducer, covering all different applications. All our accessories are available on our website or from our distributors.

Request a leaflet from Pico Technology or your local distributor.

You can buy the kit here.