Adaptors for WPS500X - M18

Connection to a vehicle component is key when diagnosing a fault. Often, finding a way of connecting your generic tool of choice to the particular vehicle you have in the workshop is not always straightforward.

Knowing you have the ability to adapt your generic tool to the fitment of almost any vehicle you may have into your workshop is great for confidence, and customer service.

In this particular focus piece, we concentrate on the M18 adaptor from our available range for the WPS500X Pressure Transducer.

The M18 is often used once a spark plug has been removed from the engine. The M18 adaptor is then used in order to carry out a compression test on a range of petrol (gasoline) engines with the WPS500X.

During a recent case study report, however, we found another use for this adaptor on a 2003 Volkswagen Polo (engine code: AZQ):

"The oxygen sensor was removed and the compression hose of the WPS500X (with compression hose adaptor TA220 M18) was installed into the exhaust manifold in order to measure the back pressure during cranking."

Why not take a read of the VW Polo case study?

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