Electric & hybrid vehicle diagnosis

Electric vehicles also require diagnosis and repair, but there are a few major differences that affect the technician's work. Although the powertrain is completely different, so you certainly don’t need to worry about ignition timing, there are a host of convenience, safety, entertainment, handling and interior functions that are just the same as on any other advanced vehicle.

First of all, PicoScope is set up to provide rapid analysis of body and chassis systems, including motor and lighting currents.

The additional complication with both hybrid and electric vehicles is the need for safety testing – you want to be sure that there is no high voltage present before starting to work on the vehicle. After any repairs, and for general safety, it is also advised to check for insulation resistance before restoring high-voltage systems, to make sure that the system is in good condition. If you need a solution for HEV Safety testing, please contact Pico for further details.

PicoScope is the tool chosen by Tesla Motors and some of the world’s other leading developers and manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles. They know the benefits PicoScope can deliver on customer satisfaction and cost, through improved "fix it right first time" results.