An image showing the icon for connect device.

Connect device

What it does

Connect device lists the devices (PicoScope oscilloscopes) connected to your PC so you can choose one to capture waveforms with.

In addition, Connect device indicates whether the connected devices are compatible with the PicoScope Automotive software: all PicoScope Automotive oscilloscopes are compatible, however, other PicoScope oscilloscopes are not.

If no PicoScope Automotive oscilloscopes are available, you can select a demo device and explore the software features and capabilities using simulated waveforms.

How it can help you

When you have one or more PicoScope Automotive oscilloscopes, Connect device can be used to switch between them so you can use each one according to its specific capabilities and your needs.

If you are thinking about buying a PicoScope Automotive oscilloscope and want your first taste of PicoScope software and oscilloscope diagnostics before making the leap, the demo device found within Connect device gives you the opportunity to take it on an extended road test beforehand. This includes free, unlimited, access to our many Guided tests containing in-depth vehicle system and component descriptions (as well as the connection and waveform information that will support you when you start capturing your own waveforms with a PicoScope Automotive oscilloscope).

How to use it

Connect device is shown every time you start the PicoScope Automotive software.

If a single PicoScope Automotive oscilloscope is detected and available, Connect device will select it and start capturing automatically. If multiple, compatible, devices are detected and available, Connect device will be displayed so you can choose your preferred option. Alternatively, you can select the demo device.

Once you have selected a device, click OK to use it.

If the device you want to use is not connected to the PC and not showing in Connect device, connect it. If the device does not appear automatically in the list, click Refresh list. PicoScope Automotive will search again for connected devices and it will appear in the list.

If a device becomes disconnected and you try to capture data, the Connect device feature will appear and ask you to select a device before you can start the capture.

An animation showing how to use Connect device