Regeneration current



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The purpose of the test is to check High Voltage (HV) battery charging by regeneration when the vehicle is decelerating. Only perform this test where safe access to the HV Direct Current (DC) cables is possible.

Regenerative braking test measurements.

Regenerative braking test measurements.

Further information

Regenerative braking during deceleration is critical to an EV's ability to extend its range. The range gained strongly depends on the road conditions and the driver's driving style.

The process uses an electric vehicle motor as a generator: a motor (acting as a generator) remains engaged with the drive wheels whilst there is no demand for acceleration so as to turn the kinetic energy of the vehicle into potential energy stored in the battery. The engagement of the motor creates drag on the vehicle and causes it to decelerate, hence the term regenerative braking.

The accelerator pedal and brake pedal sensors and signals in your vehicle may have different characteristics. However, the key point to note is the HV battery and inverter DC circuit current should flow in opposite directions during acceleration and braking.


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Guided test: Regeneration current