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All new Guided tests

Our 150+ Guided tests have been updated and improved for PicoScope 7 helping you set up the scope and explain what to check and why.

Now includes Guided tests for Electric Vehicles. (Exclusive to the PicoScope 7 Automotive software).

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Improved measurements icon

Improved measurement functions

A comprehensive set of inbuilt measurements with a display you can read across the workshop at a glance.

Screenshot of software improved measurement functions
User demonstrating PicoScope 7 touchscreen feature

Touchscreen friendly

With the number of diagnostic systems and PCs now using touch control, we added this functionality to make our latest software work optimally on all devices with a finger-friendly user interface.

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Split image of two intelligent probes

Intelligent probe interface

When used with PicoScope 4425A and our unique PicoBNC+® interface*, the software instantly recognises probes and sets up the scope software ready for instant diagnosis.

*If you use BNC probes you can select them in the dropdown menu.

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All new probe mismatch

Connect a probe that doesn’t match the settings loaded from a test, and PicoScope 7 Automotive will let you know. The probe mismatch feature is there to simplify the setup leaving you to spend your time and efforts on the job.

Software screenshot demonstrating probe mismatch feature

Full-screen mode

This single button allows you to use the whole screen, or a separate screen, for the waveform, making measurement and analysis faster than ever before.

Laptop using full-screen mode
Reference waveform icon

Reference Waveforms

Have you run out of channels, or do you want to hold a waveform on screen for comparison? Reference waveforms provide quick comparisons to help your analysis.

Software screenshot showcasing reference waveforms

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More tools icon image

Everything on hand

There are more than 30 advanced features (such as serial data decoding) that you can pin to your personalised menu. This gives you the ability to make sure that your PicoScope screen is uncluttered while having your favourite functions available with a single touch or click.

Screenshot demonstrating software advanced features
Waveform library icon

Improved Waveform library

One of the most anticipated new features is our updated waveform library. More comprehensive, easier to use and faster than ever before. Remember to keep all your waveforms safe, for free, in the cloud.

Software screenshot of the new improved waveform library

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