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New PicoScope 4425A

Active Diagnostics

PicoScope 4425A Series Applications

PicoBNC+ push-fit Probes

Push-fit probes instantly recognised by PicoScope and configured ready to use with PicoBNC+ Probe Recognition. Using a labscope has never been faster, easier or more reliable.

Always ready for action, even for long overnight tests with PicoBNC+ powered probes.No batteries or manual adjustment required; just focus on the fault you are finding.

PicoScope 4425A in use
PicoScope 4425A Channel status LEDs

Channel status LEDs provide a clear indication of which probes to connect to which channel, PicoBNC+ Probe mismatch checks probe connections, ConnectDetect confirms a good signal contact.

PicoScope: The scope of choice for diagnostic technicians worldwide. Capture and decode traffic and intermittent problems on CAN, FlexRay, CAN FD and other buses.

PicoScope 4425A; the clear choice for workshops everywhere
Accepts standard BNC probes
PicoDiagnostics for fast health-check
Up to 400 million samples/s
Access to Pico waveform library
Add accessories as your needs grow
2 or 4 high-performance channels
250 million sample buffer
No batteries; just one USB connection
Over 150 Guided tests and growing
Future-proofed with PicoBNC+

We are PicoScope Automotive

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Automotive Applications Engineer

"PicoBNC+ means total diagnostic confidence"

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Automotive Application Specialist

"A new scope full of new possibilities"

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Automotive Distribution Support

"The smartest box you'll ever need."

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Automotive Application Specialist

"The 4425A is a game changer"

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