WPS500X Adaptor Kit A

The Pico WPS500X Adaptor Kit A enables you to use your WPS500X as a replacement for the gauge in a wide range of AST (and other Foster 12FST) pressure testing kits. This kit enables you to re-use your existing adaptors and still gain the advantages of seeing pressure activity in real time with the WPS500X.

The kit consist of a compression hose to use with various AST adaptor kits, such as dummy injectors and glow plugs. It also consists of a second adaptor for using the WPS500X to replace the original dial gauge in various AST testing kits.

The Pico PP970 converts the male Foster 2 series connector on the input of the WPS500X to either a male, or using the TA212 pressure hose, a female Foster 12FST series quick coupler. More details on Foster couplers is available from www.couplers.com

WPS500X Adaptor Kit A
£85.00 PP970

WPS500X Adaptor Kit A Manuals

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WPS500X Pressure Transducer User’s Guide English 13 795 KB Jan 24 2017 Pressure sensor accessories English open